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Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version

As I mentioned some time ago, a guy named Simon May created a small tool which allows you to create a blog post with all your recent blog posts inside. It is cool and really saves me some time. However, I decided to:

1) adapt it more for my needs

2) write at last my first app since… Hell, I haven’t been writing anything but scripts for 15 years already =)

So, a guy with more than one blog and programming knowledge on the BASIC (not even VB!) “Hello World” level closes his eyes, downloads Visual C# 2010 Express and starts to develop his own application. Ok, I had to open my eyes before downloading VS. Then I got Simon’s explanations of his process of programming the thing, spent about 10-15 hours looking for solutions of my problems on MSDN and other Internet resources and…


Well, my program is definitely not so good looking, more complex, contain an orthographical mistake (will be fixed in next “release”. Yeah, now I can “release” things. Like I were actual programmer =))) ).

Some things are ugly crutches because I don’t know all the abilities of the language and didn’t plan for it well. Some places in my code are a topics to research further, because I used them without understanding them. Just take a look at this beautiful comment:

/// Tell me what the hell am I doing here? =) I guess it is LINQ? =)
OrderedFeed = feed.Items.OrderBy(i => i.PublishDate);

But it works for me!

I’ve replaced calendar from Simon’s version with to date pickers, add two presets to time period selection, added possibility to remember several blog feeds and sort items in the wrap up.

What’s the moral of the story? You can create a program even if you are not a professional in it. With Visual Studio it is really easy. So, if you need something small, but you cannot find it – create your own goodies. It is also a fun – create something, look for solutions and etc.

Just in case you want to try my app yourself, the link to the install is below. Just several points to notice before you install it:

1) It was fun for me. And it was designed for me. And I promise you I didn’t intend the program to be harmful. But still being a somewhat security guy: why should you trust me? And it is placed on a free hosting. Anyway, I won’t take any responsibility for the program results should they be not good.

2) The program will look for updates while starting. If you need a version which doesn’t… Well, write your own one =)

3) If you have ideas about it: write me, I’ll think it over. I don’t promise I will implement your ideas, but I like challenges, so why not?

4) If you need sources… Ok, but:

  • if you are newbie to the C# or programming at all, I’d recommend you to write it from scratch yourself. It is fun and it is more useful then copying and compiling my code.
  • if you are a professional, then I’ll give you the sources only after you promise me explain why you were laughing at them and how I should correct or improve it =)

5) It creates a registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareWLWWrapupper which is not deleted when you uninstall the tool. Remove it manually if you care.

If you are not scared of my “notice”, install it from here.

The Blog Wrap Up and Happy New Year

Hello Everyone!

In this last post I wish you Happy New Year!

I also wish you to be healthy and fit:


Have fun:


and no bad news:


And just in case you care to reread something from this month’s blog posts, here is the wrap up:

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Good stuff. No kidding. I use it and I recommend at least to try it.

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Blog wrap-up for October-November 2010

This month as you probably know I was quite busy with Platforma, so there is my very short wrap-up for two months. I hope the following month will be more full of content.

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