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Path of YeahManager

clip_image002One of the main drivers for my professional life was my passion to do my job well (luckily, I’m quite lazy, or I would dominate the world by the time Winking smile )

While being an IT Pro I hadn’t any problem with it. The path is clear: MCP – MCSA – MCSE – one more MCSE – MVP – you’re toast. Since I became a manager the world turned to be a bit more complex. what do you do to make your job better? How to stay on top? what are the general principles? What are the criteria? It seems absolutely clear what you have to do to be SharePoint infrastructure Guru: TechNet, MSDN, hands-on labs, several years of doing stuff, somewhat good knowledge of nearing fields (IIS, .NET, networking, HA clastering, NLB/HLB, AD, PKI, you name it). You can do it? Your services get several 99.99% of uptime? Well, let’s go speak about it on TechEd or just get your respect and other money.

The list to study for a manager is large too, still (I believe so) is finite. However, what will tell you if you are a good one? What principles one have to set for himself so that not to turn into stinker?

I’m not a Guru, who comprehended everything, I’m not able to answer all the questions. But I know the way! found some high-level description what should be a good manager from my point of view. In 2010 some Harvard MBA students apparently were concerned with the same question I am, solved the problem when created MBA Oath. That’s the set of high-level high-level principles I think I have to share and follow. Some of them aren’t realizable on my current level just because I don’t have powers over them as a first line manager, but others can and will be part of my motto, backbone for my life and studies including this blog. As I find it tedious and boring to mention the Oath every time, I made up a fictional character: Yeah Manager. It’s such a guy, who is anxious about everything around, who tries and helps his organization to move forward, while coping with converting introversive IT Pros into the people who are loved and valued by this organization.

Here he is:

final 24.05.2014

I’m, obviously, no artist, but the picture will du for the time being (Yeah Manager isn’t always a perfectionist Winking smile). Probably, I’ll have it remade later.

Hello, new blog, that is =)

Blog wrap-up


It seems like I haven’t write any wrap-ups for my blog for at least a year. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to wrap into it. Now, as I returned to the blogging, I just do the thing for the year Winking smile

  • LCDS: Create your own curriculum
  • The easiest way so far to create a good looking redistributable, or publishable course from your materials.

  • %systemroot%System32 secrets: defrag
  • the continuation of the series. Defragmentation lost its fancy GUI, so why use it?

  • Network trace without NetMon, WireShark, etc…
  • Network trace without NetMon, wireShark, etc… Part 2
  • Two parts of the article which tells you it is possible to collect tons of network related info and even network trace with only two commands.

  • News and freebies
  • No comments.

  • Speaking…
  • Last year I was speaking at the first Russian TechEd. the results were quite average, but then… I met Tom Shinder and he interviewed me Winking smile 

  • Heads-UP DST Cancellation in Russia and some other countries
  • We had changes in DST policy, that is we don’t have it now. So we had all kinds of problems due to it and several quite lively weeks.

  • TechEd is over
  • My micro report about the event.

  • Where’s mah mail, dude?! (meme edition)
  • The tail about storing mail in your deleted items folder Winking smile 

  • Lync and fortunes
  • Probably my most used script. I run it every day =)

  • #RuTeched: the results
  • As I have just told my performance as a speaker was but average. Now I know what to improve for the next occasion.

  • MVP, one more time!
  • A bit late, but I managed to write about my next award.

  • Yep, I’m paranoid. The question is am I paranoid enough…
  • Google-free. I will be such soon.

  • MS SIR #12
  • Overview of most interesting stuff from MS Security Intelligence Report.

  • Freebies: books
  • No comments

  • Trustworthy computing: non-SDL view
  • Trustworthy computing: non-SDL view. Part 2: non-corporate.
  • TC is great. Now it is time to make another step.

  • Myths #2: PKI edition.
  • Be careful while planning your security. Some obvious things aren’t correct.

  • Looking for a GP object?
  • How to find your GPO

  • Want to learn about cryptography? I know where.
  • As, subjectively, now I have more time, I signed up to the cryptography course of Stanford University. It’s fun! Jump in! =)

    The Blog Wrap-Up for May 2011

    This April was way too busy for me, so there was less messages in my blog and they were not very great, I guess. Still, here is a wrap-up:

  • %SystemRoot%system32 secrets: cipher
  • To encrypt or to delete, that is the question

  • %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: compact & convert
  • Old worthless friends are still around

  • Freebies: books and other learning stuff
  • Free stuff for learning something new

  • TextAnalysisTool.NET
  • A great tool for analyzing logs and other text information

  • Do you mind creating a Domain Controller from your W7 box?
  • I still don’t get it: why? =)

  • Platforma: goodbye
  • Some local news, seems like I will be delivering some info on Russian TechEd this year.

    The Blog Wrap-up For April 2011

  • Press a button–get the result

    Think before you pressed OK in gpedit. Or buy a piece of software which thinks for you.

  • MVP–check!

    Yeah, again.

  • Migrate scheduled tasks from 2003 to 2008

    Easy way to move scheduled tasks from one host to other.

  • %SystemRoot%system32 secrets: Choice

    The utility of choice, sometimes.

  • Myths #1: Number of previous logons to cache

    Popular mistakes, issue One

  • Check your certificate status visually

    Another utility to use if you have many web sites with SSL certificates.

  • BITS Transfer PowerShell cmdlets

    BITSAdmin is dead? Almost.

  • The Blog Wrap-Up for March 2011

  • %System%System32 secrets: change

    Change money, change your life? No, just change the way your terminal server behaves

  • Some new cool betas

    MS issued several absolutely awesome betas – join the programs and influence the products on their early stages

  • Delegate permissions for creating GPO objects in other domain

    You cannot delegate this permission easily, let’s do it “hard way” which is not particularly hard, actually

  • Too many smart-cards inserted. Good thing: no need to throw them away

    Do you see the message? Problem solved!

  • %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: certreq

    Systemroot continues to reveal its secrets

  • %SystemRoot%System32 secrets: BITSAdmin

    Download files even after the connection has been lost. A bit outdated command but it still works

  • Wildcard certificates drawbacks

    They are an excellent means to simplify your life, but what can be on a flipside?

  • %SystemRoot%System32 secrets: BCDEdit

    Dual boot of W7 with FreeBSD? Easy

  • The Blog Wrap-Up for February 2011

  • Manage your Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server from XP
  • You’ve upgraded your servers to 2008 R2 but your admins’ workstations are still on XP? You can’t manage your DNS server then until you make some changes.

  • The case of jammed permissions
  • You change permissions on an AD object but the permissions get back. Look at the article.

  • Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 released + MBAM
  • News, just news. BTW, SP1 is available to download and install.

  • %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: AzMan
  • The series continue. This time we manage authorization with AzMan console.

  • Do you miss your search results? Kill’em.
  • Your users keep complaining they can’t find anything in their email? Probably you have a corrupted index.

  • Scripting Games 2011
  • The date is announced, get yourself prepared.

  • MCP Club: Follow UP
  • I was trying to get my audience bored again. Hopefully without success

    Blog wrap-up for January 2011

  • Malware: how comes we are infected?
  • The most successful malware requires user interaction to be installed.

  • How to change attribute in AD: alternatives #2
  • How to create your own GUI for changing an attribute for an AD object.

  • %SystemRoot%System32 secrets
  • Do you know what is in your system32 folder? Ohhh… There are treasures =)

  • Creating self-signed certificate for code-signing
  • You need a certificate for your own use and don’t want to pay? Do it yourself!

  • Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version
  • My very first C# application. Quite buggy in some respects but it WORKS! =)

  • MS Guru writes a thriller, MS OneNote starts in iPhone
  • The world went nuts, but I like it.

  • %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: Schtasks
  • The continuation of the series.

  • %SystemRoot%System32 Secrets: Auditpol
  • And once more the continuation.

    Live Writer Wrap Up Tool: My version

    As I mentioned some time ago, a guy named Simon May created a small tool which allows you to create a blog post with all your recent blog posts inside. It is cool and really saves me some time. However, I decided to:

    1) adapt it more for my needs

    2) write at last my first app since… Hell, I haven’t been writing anything but scripts for 15 years already =)

    So, a guy with more than one blog and programming knowledge on the BASIC (not even VB!) “Hello World” level closes his eyes, downloads Visual C# 2010 Express and starts to develop his own application. Ok, I had to open my eyes before downloading VS. Then I got Simon’s explanations of his process of programming the thing, spent about 10-15 hours looking for solutions of my problems on MSDN and other Internet resources and…


    Well, my program is definitely not so good looking, more complex, contain an orthographical mistake (will be fixed in next “release”. Yeah, now I can “release” things. Like I were actual programmer =))) ).

    Some things are ugly crutches because I don’t know all the abilities of the language and didn’t plan for it well. Some places in my code are a topics to research further, because I used them without understanding them. Just take a look at this beautiful comment:

    /// Tell me what the hell am I doing here? =) I guess it is LINQ? =)
    OrderedFeed = feed.Items.OrderBy(i => i.PublishDate);

    But it works for me!

    I’ve replaced calendar from Simon’s version with to date pickers, add two presets to time period selection, added possibility to remember several blog feeds and sort items in the wrap up.

    What’s the moral of the story? You can create a program even if you are not a professional in it. With Visual Studio it is really easy. So, if you need something small, but you cannot find it – create your own goodies. It is also a fun – create something, look for solutions and etc.

    Just in case you want to try my app yourself, the link to the install is below. Just several points to notice before you install it:

    1) It was fun for me. And it was designed for me. And I promise you I didn’t intend the program to be harmful. But still being a somewhat security guy: why should you trust me? And it is placed on a free hosting. Anyway, I won’t take any responsibility for the program results should they be not good.

    2) The program will look for updates while starting. If you need a version which doesn’t… Well, write your own one =)

    3) If you have ideas about it: write me, I’ll think it over. I don’t promise I will implement your ideas, but I like challenges, so why not?

    4) If you need sources… Ok, but:

    • if you are newbie to the C# or programming at all, I’d recommend you to write it from scratch yourself. It is fun and it is more useful then copying and compiling my code.
    • if you are a professional, then I’ll give you the sources only after you promise me explain why you were laughing at them and how I should correct or improve it =)

    5) It creates a registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareWLWWrapupper which is not deleted when you uninstall the tool. Remove it manually if you care.

    If you are not scared of my “notice”, install it from here.

    The Blog Wrap Up and Happy New Year

    Hello Everyone!

    In this last post I wish you Happy New Year!

    I also wish you to be healthy and fit:


    Have fun:


    and no bad news:


    And just in case you care to reread something from this month’s blog posts, here is the wrap up:

    IPv6 is great. But Are we really ready yet?

    Yeah, those free books are great, but I need another 24 hours per day to read them.

    Plan, implement, win. No malware is good news, but be prepared… Just in case…

    The first part of “How to change attribute in AD”. The second is quite tricky for me, so I am still working on it.

    I was good! Well, at least they told me so Winking smile

    For the situation when you know what, know how, but cannot find where. If you don’t see your attributes then read it.

    Good stuff. No kidding. I use it and I recommend at least to try it.

    Want new blog or sight based on .NET? Here is the list.

    Blog wrap-up for October-November 2010

    This month as you probably know I was quite busy with Platforma, so there is my very short wrap-up for two months. I hope the following month will be more full of content.

    How to grant someone right to edit a particular DNS zone without giving out too much.

    Book news. Download and read. Free.

    Announcing the future event. Now it is over, I’m back =)

    Continuation of the series: some tricks about running several commands within one line and depending on the previous command result.

    What to do is you found a vulnerability? Do you know? Then tell me.

    the CLI nostalgic series continues (recover, systeminfo, takeown)

    are you still downloading from torrents? Malware and hackers are going to you Winking smile

    the CLI nostalgic series continues (findstr, msdt, openfiles)