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News and freebies

imageHi. Recently I’ve experienced some events in my life which made my blog totally neglected. I’m sorry about it, but life is life. I’ll do my my best to keep the blog updated, still the next couple of months updates probably won’t be regularly, because I’ll be getting ready to TechEd Russia 2011.


First of all, there have been at least two interesting new things about Lync: Lync Adoption and Training Kit and Lync Server Administration Guide. The first one is some kind of one-stop resource for everyone who wants to implement Lync in theirs organization. You can choose from one of three categories:

1) IT Pro/PM

2) HelpDesk/Support Professional

3) Trainer

The info pack contains a workbook with step-by-step guidance for the rollout, training resources and some learning tools. Quite impressive, even though I am not tied with Lync implementation in my Company as a IT Pro or any other of the role above.

Lync Server Administration Guide is a single document of almost 300 pages. Just read it if you have to deal with Lync. It is worth it.

Another free Lync content: Lync Resource Kit. It even contains some free chapters from the book, so go and get it.


The next item in my collection isn’t free, but still it promises to be awesome: the new book by Mark Rusinovich was RTM (and it wasn’t a fiction 😉 ) – Windows Sysinternals Administrator’s Reference. I’m ordering one for me.


Two new eBooks available for download:

Getting Started with SharePoint Server 2010

Getting Started with SharePoint Foundation 2010

And they are free. Moreover, they are in five (5!!!!!) different file formats. At least two of these five are ready to just upload to your eBook reader: .mobi & .epub (yeah, MS is going to put many things into eBook-compatible formats. Even MOCs)

You can also download SharePoint Foundation 2010 design samples: Collaboration with classic authentication or with claims-based authentication. Quite a helper if you are going to design the thingy.

New Products Releases

SC VMM Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1

You know, SSP1 wasn’t really a very useful tool. This one seems to be more adequate for some tasks. Opalis integration, custom machine actions, VM expiration date and the whole bunch of other stuff. Get it, learn about it and give it a chance Подмигивающая рожица

SkyDrive and Windows Live Essentials updates

Many, many improvements. For example, SSL is enabled for all authentication pages (at last!), upload size limited to 100MB, and (hell, yeah!) they now support SSL in Live Mail, that is they finally secured your mail 😉

Read more about SkyDrive, download new WLE (it is not yet available through the windows update)

Some new cool betas

During the past week or so there were several messages spread about availability of betas for some products of MS and some new tools. Some of them are definitely of interest to me and, probably, for you. The first is


Such a nice an abbreviation, isn’t it? =) It stands for Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal v2 with SP1. Being a bit buggy, it is still a very cool application. I’m going to use it as soon as it is released, and now we are using it in a test environment.

New features:

  • You can import machines which are not yet in SSP zone of authority
  • Expiration for virtual machines
  • Notify administrators of business units about various events
  • Move infrastructures between business units

Quite impressive, isn’t it? Joint the beta here.


I wrote about it some time ago: it’s a new addition to MDOP that can help you to manage and monitor BitLocker. Now the beta is available for the product. You can join the beta here. What it can:

  • IT can automate the process of encrypting volumes on client machines across enterprise
  • Helpdesk can reduce the time required for BitLocker PIN and Recovery Key information
  • Security officers can quickly produce reliable evidence that indicates the compliance state of individual computers or even the enterprise itself.
  • Security Officers can easily audit access to Recover Key information.
  • Windows Enterprise users are empowered to continue working anywhere knowing their corporate data is protected.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012

Wow! W! O! W! =)

I saw some review. It is awesome. No, really. From just creating a new VM to creating a private cloud based on VMWare. Or Hyper-V. Or both… Whatever, you can download it here. It can so much, that MS restricted benefits to somewhat bullshittish phrases. But it has ribbon as an administrator GUI. So I will definitely love it 😉

New version of the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator

Nothing special, but if you use it, then you’d better use the new version.

And not technical stuff: if you are an MCP, then you’ve just received new certificates (just new look, actually, not new certifications =) ) and new transcript. Just look at fabulous it:


It’s not available yet, though. But in April it will =)

Enough for today =)

Scripting Games 2011

powershellYeah, this year they will be held again! I doubt I will find time to join them (though I’ll do my best), but I definitely recommend everyone else to do it =)

The Games to start at April 4 and finish at the 15th. The details are not fully revealed yet, but there are already some learning resources in place. And also some banner to place at your web site/blog/forum. Here is the badge: 2011 Scripting Games

Grab this badge here!

P.S. BTW, I’ve already downloaded and installed Service Pack 1 for Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 whenever it is not a hazard for business systems. Those who are not TechNet/MSDN subscribers will get it tomorrow Winking smile

P.P.S. Tomorrow I’m speaking on the Moscow UG – MCP Club. The topic is all about Infrastructure Design Planning Guides. I hope to get my auditory interested in it Winking smile

Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 released + MBAM

Brandon LeBlanc made my day again! =) The Service Pack is now RTM. It will be available for TechNet and MSDN subscribers on the 16th, February and for common public on February 22nd.

Among fixes the SP contains RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory.

One more good news: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack got some brand-new addition. And it is MBAM! =) Or Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring. Deploy, monitor, help users to recover it – they tell it is all much easier now. I’m going to try it Winking smile

MS Guru writes a thriller, MS OneNote starts in iPhone

What a crazy world, one can say… Still it is true:

New book of Mark Russinovich

Mark Russinovich has wrote a thriller book named Zero Day. Something about cyber crime, cyber attacks and so on. I won’t even read the excerpts: I’ll just get this book as soon as I can after it is out (March 2011). Pre-0rder i$ @v@i1@b1e. Winking smile

OneNote is on iPhone/iPod.

And it even works, though I haven’t yet fully synchronized it from my SkyDrive storage. The process is to be continued soon, though.Download it on the Apple store and enjoy. It is “free for a limited time”