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Trustworthy computing: non-SDL view. Part 2: non-corporate.


Do you think my latest post was about corporate products because only corporate products are subject to not being designed to be secure in deployment? No, consumer ones are built the same way. Say, the famous story about Windows Live Mail and Live Mail’s SSL. Till the recent changes you weren’t able to use both of them. Either you expose your communication without using SSL or you couldn’t use convenient client. I was very glad to receive the ability to use them both.

To sum up: we have excellent products, which aren’t exploitable in the most of the cases through their functions. Still those products don’t have all the necessary abilities to be incorporated into the strict environment. Some things are being changed, some not, but still there is many possibilities to do it before I or any other user discovers the problems in our own network.

I’m glad that Microsoft is on steady way to improve those things, but I want them to do some things prior the RTM. Do you remember any cases, similar to what I described in these two blogs?

#RuTeched: the results

imageA couple of days before the Security Track Lead for TechEd Russia sent me results of visitors’ survey. Well… It turns out that the results aren’t as good as I want them to be. Ok, I hope that partly this is because wrong description of my session (the one I’ve created for the event has never made it to the site =)). Still, I’ve got the average 7.5 out of 9. Well, that’s near my usual mark, but it’s way below many others, so I’ll keep getting better.

Most of negative comments (I don’t count on positive ones: they are very nice, but not useful for my development as a speaker. Thanks, anyway – I appreciate itПодмигивающая рожица ) on my presentation were due to the reason stated above: the people just couldn’t find information they came for. But some of the comments were really helpful and I’m going to incorporate the ideas from the comments into my future blogs or presentations.

Anyhow, thanks a lot to everyone who came to listen to me. I really appreciate it and I will definitely get better for the next event =)

Microsoft Professional Advisory Services

Help ButtonAre you small enough to think of the Premier Support as of a crazy thing and, nevertheless, big enough to be not happy with reactive only support from MS? Do you want some proactive features without paying fortune for Premier or several fortunes for Alliance? The news is right for you, then. Let me quote what the services they will provide to you:

Microsoft Advisory Services provides short-term advice and guidance for problems not covered by Problem Resolution Services as well as requests for consultative assistance for design, development, and deployment issues.

Advisory Services are charged at an hourly rate of US$210.00. The scope of the engagement is estimated prior to the delivery of the service, and a contract must be executed between the customer and Microsoft before Microsoft begins work.

What does it really mean: you can utilize all of the MSC experience in building solid infrastructure while not paying huge amount of money for the Premier Support contract. Interesting enough? Yes, I think it is. I saw the guys at work: they are brilliant and now only from $210 Winking smile

What components can be served under this service? Many. Really. There are several sections on the page – Windows, Office, Servers, IE, Security, Performance, Developer. And there is many services under each topic, for example for Windows:

  • Windows
    • Windows 7
      • Applications compatibility
      • W7 deployment and activation guidance
      • W7 deployment questions and answers
    • Windows Server
      • ADFS
      • Windows Server 2003 Server Cluster disaster recovery planning
      • Windows Server 2008/2008R2Failover Cluster disaster recovery planning
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 RD web design SSO
      • Windows 2008 R2 Cluster installation
      • Windows 2008 R2 Cluster installation with Hyper-V

You think this is big list? Ha! Look at section Servers!!! =)

Unfortunately, services are available at the moment only in US an Canada. I hope it is only beginning.

Microsoft hardware: it’s no joke ;)

imageYeah, the guys have done really important job: from now on you don’t need to think what direction a battery has to go to to your device. Instaload technology is a very simple (as any brilliant idea): just place two contacts on each side of a battery slot instead of one. Now just put your battery as it is positioned in your hand and enjoy.

The only ingenious device to invent must grant you the same ability in case you need put several battery in a row Smile

MCA: Discontinued

architect-image As soon as I decided to try myself in acquiring Architect credentials, Microsoft became scary and dropped the certification! Just kidding, of course: neither I am ready for MCA, nor Microsoft just kicked off every current one. But they really discontinue the certifications, at least some of the specializations: Infrastructure and Solutions. Proofs: here and here.

Special thanks to Mike Walker’s blog.