Eternal Sunshine of the Rush Job

clip_image002[6]As strange as it seems, I managed to get a bit relaxed before the New Year (even though I joked on my corporate messenger’s status about fancying New Year more like a deadline than a date). While I was a bit lazy-minded, I all of a sudden have found one more reason why we favor working under strong deadlines.

What do you mean, “I don’t like it”? Please, remember the last “all hands on the deck” situation. Wasn’t it as if you could pull several all-nighters in a row? Wasn’t it at least a bit fun to work on the problem this way? What is the reason, except for Panic Monster? Yes, I remember that working under such stress is, well, stressful. Still, there is something attractive to it too.

Ok, if you do not feel that way when you are bound to do the 5-days job in a couple of hours, probably, you don’t have to read the further bullshit. For others, I have an idea to think over: what if (I don’t know for sure, haven’t seen any researches on the topic) we like doing it this way because of clarity of the situation? Look, when you have just screwed all the terms, you usually have only one task left. Sure, no one removed the other tasks from you backlog, but, hey, we have THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK ON OUR HANDS! It is also a clear one, because instead of “I should spend some time brooding over the task” you just do it.

Therefore, for some time, we may be sure, that it is the only one we have to pay attention to. Sure thing, all those others will catch up with us soon (nope, not all, actuallyJ), but right now and right here we do not have to choose anything: just do it. In addition, it is much easier to work, when you have only one thing to do. It is much easier to get into flow-state: nothing diverts your attention. I believe that makes us happier, too.

Unfortunately, it does not make us better workers: if the job takes 5 days, fulfilling it in one night won’t make it the best. We often screw things up, or just do not work up to our own standards.

However strong effect on us have the adrenaline and Panic Monster, we are tired after adventures like that. Especially, if we do not follow simple rules of [AT1] recovery.

Anyway, keep in mind, that there is possibly one more reason why we like deadlines. Knowing that may sometime tip your conscious to not procrastinate something is more valuable than not knowing it.

P.S. if you know a research paper, which supports or denies the idea, please let me know.

1)      Ссылка на статью про авральный режим

2)      Поискать ещё среди своих статей что-нибудь на тему понятности цели и авралов

3)      Да, цель едина, она кристально чиста, как правило, это погружает в поток. Даже не то, что это очень важно.

 [AT1]В русском тексте ссылку на блог по авралу и питанию.

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