Book: Dreamland by David K. Randall

imageHave you seen a dream about a monkey and an elephant?


You should, it’s great!

Ok, compensating for the long reading of the previous book, I started reading fast. At the moment, I’ve almost got three more, but will be writing in English only on one of them (one is Russian and one is fiction – who wants to know what I think about 1984? No one wants!). The book is David Randall’s Dreamland.

First of all, I started this reading not because I cannot sleep but because I thought, maybe the quality of my sleep was rubbish. See yourself: 4-5 hours a day wasn’t enough for me. And even when I started sleeping 6 to 7 hours it was better, but still not perfect. Well, I can’t sleep 8 to 10 hours, can I?! That’s waste of my time! Ok, as far as I understand it now, I can, actually. For now. And I better do it, while I can.

The most amazing thing I learned from the book, is that nobody knows anything about the subject. There are various experiments on this piece of the picture and that, but nothing can tell you what is sleep and why you need it exactly (yeah, like rest, learn, and something else, probably…). But we’d better were sleeping better and more than we do.

The book, then, just tells us some separate facts about sleep, dreams and some stuff around it. So there is not much thought except that it is important, and I won’t do any reasonable report on the book, just several facts from the book:

1) We are constructed to sleep in two parts. Go to bed early, then wake up in the night, do something (there are some pretty spicy suggestions in the book), then sleep till morning. And, sure, don’t forget about siesta! The day dreams are in our specifications. That’s what we are supposed to do biologically, even though we don’t need that in the modern world. Just no one cared to tell your organism about it.

2) We learn and create new stuff in our sleep. That’s the fact. Everyone heard about quite sane scientists, who made their discovery while dreaming. That. Is. Fact. So, after learning something while you’re awake, the best course of action is to practice the stuff (that improves the overall result) and make sure this night your sleep is long (more than 6 hours) and undisturbed.

3) BTW, your mattress doesn’t matter if it’s not worn-out. I mean, you shouldn’t care if it is hard or soft. You should care you like it, and you are accustomed to it. Your habits are more important than a mattress vendor’s marketing.

4) Quantity of sport activity doesn’t matter too. At least not directly. What you think about your achievements – matters. Like, if I ran 1km in 15 minutes and think “I’m so cooooool”, I’ll be sleeping well. If you ran a marathon in 2:30 and believe that your result sucks, you’ll be tossing about all the night and scaring away flocks of sheep with your beta waves. The most important not to screw your own brains. Be calm, be cool. And sleep well.

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