Path of YeahManager

clip_image002One of the main drivers for my professional life was my passion to do my job well (luckily, I’m quite lazy, or I would dominate the world by the time Winking smile )

While being an IT Pro I hadn’t any problem with it. The path is clear: MCP – MCSA – MCSE – one more MCSE – MVP – you’re toast. Since I became a manager the world turned to be a bit more complex. what do you do to make your job better? How to stay on top? what are the general principles? What are the criteria? It seems absolutely clear what you have to do to be SharePoint infrastructure Guru: TechNet, MSDN, hands-on labs, several years of doing stuff, somewhat good knowledge of nearing fields (IIS, .NET, networking, HA clastering, NLB/HLB, AD, PKI, you name it). You can do it? Your services get several 99.99% of uptime? Well, let’s go speak about it on TechEd or just get your respect and other money.

The list to study for a manager is large too, still (I believe so) is finite. However, what will tell you if you are a good one? What principles one have to set for himself so that not to turn into stinker?

I’m not a Guru, who comprehended everything, I’m not able to answer all the questions. But I know the way! found some high-level description what should be a good manager from my point of view. In 2010 some Harvard MBA students apparently were concerned with the same question I am, solved the problem when created MBA Oath. That’s the set of high-level high-level principles I think I have to share and follow. Some of them aren’t realizable on my current level just because I don’t have powers over them as a first line manager, but others can and will be part of my motto, backbone for my life and studies including this blog. As I find it tedious and boring to mention the Oath every time, I made up a fictional character: Yeah Manager. It’s such a guy, who is anxious about everything around, who tries and helps his organization to move forward, while coping with converting introversive IT Pros into the people who are loved and valued by this organization.

Here he is:

final 24.05.2014

I’m, obviously, no artist, but the picture will du for the time being (Yeah Manager isn’t always a perfectionist Winking smile). Probably, I’ll have it remade later.

Hello, new blog, that is =)

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