MVP: No more

MVP_Horizontal_BlackOnlyAlas, everything has its end. 2013 didn’t host TechEd Russia, I didn’t participate in MCP Club activities and even my own blog has been neglected. the result is obvious: I’m not an MVP anymore. 

Nevertheless, that were terrific 7 years. I hope I’ve helped many people. I am absolutely sure I came to know many great people and even hired some of them Winking smile 

But… As I’ve been a manager for a brilliant team of IT Pros, it’s plain contra-indicative for me to make something with my hands (my experience prove this), but it’s positively good for me to think and learn about management.

That is the blog will lean more to the management side with the lapse of time. Technical posts will appear from time to time (with tag, say, Technical), but they probably won’t make the most of the blog. So, you can leave if you want, but… Well… Stay, what if I say something clever? =)

Anyway, thanks for your support during all these years.

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