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#RuTechEd is over


TechEd Russia has finished its work. This time I was too busy to be a proper visitor: at the first day I was preparing my presentation and demos, at the second I checked my labs, delivering them and then… Then the TechEd ended =)

As for my engagements:

1) Presentation. Advanced Persistent Threat: behind the scenes. Unfortunately, my part wasn’t very good. At least I think so, therefore I’ll improve what I failed (still I hope that no one noticed Winking smile. Especially take into consideration the fact that our demos were total success).

2) The hands-on lab on Dynamic Access Control. Quite simple, yet having many details inside in and no mistakes I couldn’t fix in a flash.

3) The second lab was on DirectAccess. This one went wrong on several occasions but almost everything was fixed.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my performance, but a bit jealous of those who could just visit sessions and listen to speakers =)

Some photos:


My breakfast on TechEd. A bit grumpy (totally understandable: the photo had been taken minutes before I ate it =) )


MS MVPs are discussing the conquering of the world Winking smile


Speaker’s lounge before times.


TechEd Russia.

Yep, this year I don’t participate in Ask the Expert section, but instead I speak about Advanced Persistent Threat and I’m also a trainer for two labs: DirectAccess and Dynamic Access Control.

I really look forward to the event. It must be thrilling as always. And I hope I will bring some knowledge and decisions upon my listeners Winking smile

Free ebook: Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals

0160.image_5186E8A3Just a new eBook for us, IT Pro.

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