Blog wrap-up


It seems like I haven’t write any wrap-ups for my blog for at least a year. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to wrap into it. Now, as I returned to the blogging, I just do the thing for the year Winking smile

  • LCDS: Create your own curriculum
  • The easiest way so far to create a good looking redistributable, or publishable course from your materials.

  • %systemroot%System32 secrets: defrag
  • the continuation of the series. Defragmentation lost its fancy GUI, so why use it?

  • Network trace without NetMon, WireShark, etc…
  • Network trace without NetMon, wireShark, etc… Part 2
  • Two parts of the article which tells you it is possible to collect tons of network related info and even network trace with only two commands.

  • News and freebies
  • No comments.

  • Speaking…
  • Last year I was speaking at the first Russian TechEd. the results were quite average, but then… I met Tom Shinder and he interviewed me Winking smile 

  • Heads-UP DST Cancellation in Russia and some other countries
  • We had changes in DST policy, that is we don’t have it now. So we had all kinds of problems due to it and several quite lively weeks.

  • TechEd is over
  • My micro report about the event.

  • Where’s mah mail, dude?! (meme edition)
  • The tail about storing mail in your deleted items folder Winking smile 

  • Lync and fortunes
  • Probably my most used script. I run it every day =)

  • #RuTeched: the results
  • As I have just told my performance as a speaker was but average. Now I know what to improve for the next occasion.

  • MVP, one more time!
  • A bit late, but I managed to write about my next award.

  • Yep, I’m paranoid. The question is am I paranoid enough…
  • Google-free. I will be such soon.

  • MS SIR #12
  • Overview of most interesting stuff from MS Security Intelligence Report.

  • Freebies: books
  • No comments

  • Trustworthy computing: non-SDL view
  • Trustworthy computing: non-SDL view. Part 2: non-corporate.
  • TC is great. Now it is time to make another step.

  • Myths #2: PKI edition.
  • Be careful while planning your security. Some obvious things aren’t correct.

  • Looking for a GP object?
  • How to find your GPO

  • Want to learn about cryptography? I know where.
  • As, subjectively, now I have more time, I signed up to the cryptography course of Stanford University. It’s fun! Jump in! =)

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