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Heads-UP DST Cancellation in Russia and some other countries

Heads-UP, friends. Even if you have already installed the patches for every Windows Server and every Exchange 2007, there still is more to do. Microsoft has issued Rollup 6 for Exchange 2010 SP1 which contains one more update to your CAS servers which affects DST cancellation. If you still see +3 time zone for Russia and other countries then you need to install it.

Here is the Rollup:

And here is the KB about problem with CAS Servers:

I Hope you’ll get fine through all this stuff =)


imageYep. Speaking. I’m speaking of on TechEd Russia. This time it is more than 3000 people, 150 events and so on and so forth. And I’m going to be a part of this IT feast. I’ll be delivering a session about implementing a Role Based system of infrastructure administration in MS based environment. Hopefully some of you will attend by a chance, though usually English speaking don’t visit our Russian events.

While being quite sure I did what I’m going to describe to my listeners, I’m also aware that every infrastructure has its own features and can give us very different tasks (that’s one of many things why I like to attend Ask the Expert sessions as an expert: some questions couldn’t have crossed my mind unless visitors ask them). That is why I ask your help: if you have some questions about the topic, please ask them. Probably, I’ll create the screencast basing on them.

P.S. Yes, being a speaker is one of the reasons for me to post not very regular updates to my blog for a month or two. Sorry.