imageA friend of mine twitted about some new small but great good tool: TextAnalysisTool.NET. It’s simple, yet can be very useful. What it does is just simple search for a string or several strings in a file. Do you think “who has written such a stupid thing”? We have findstr, not speaking of PoSh and all that stuff. I thought so too. But when I took a look at it, I discovered that there are situation when it is simply great. For example:

  1. Looking for several different strings at the same time. Using the tools mentioned above it is not very convenient. With the new tool it is.
  2. You need to take a look not only at the string itself but at its surroundings. Again it ‘is not very easy with other tools.
  3. You need to revise your search for a large to very large file. When you do it with, say, with findstr, it reads all the file again. In my case (log file of 640MB, over 2,000,000 lines) it takes 60 to 80 seconds. In case of the discussed tool it is way below 20 seconds. With PoSh it would be, probably other story, still, considering the first to items in this list, TextAnalysisTool.NET is to be considered for use.

What can the tool do:

  • Open files (brilliant, isn’t it? =) ). It can also reload them is they change.


  • Load and save filters set. This can be useful if you search for the same patterns often. (It is in XML format, by the way, so you can take a look at it)
  • Usual search, like, say, in Winword. Except the fact that it can be a RegExp.


  • Switch the view between the whole text, or only the strings you are looking for.



  • Mark some lines (select them and press Ctrl+<number>) and go to them by just pressing a number you’ve marked them with.


  • Create and edit filters. Filter can contain strings and RegExps. The results can be highlighted in color.


Well, it is in my arsenal from now on.

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