%System%System32 secrets: change

CLIAnother old-timer here. I cannot remember when I last used it, but I guess it still can be useful in a number of situations. For example I used to use it to install new software on a terminal server or to cease users logins to it. Now I usually don’t touch terminal servers and as far as I know they have other means to complete these tasks. Anyway, Windows 2003 is still in place and we still have the command around.

It can the following:


  • Change logon setting: we can turn new logons to the TS. Just change logon disable.
  • Change port mappings. I haven’t use it at all and I hope you won’t have to either, because KB article says: “Changes the COM port mappings to be compatible with DOS applications”. No way I want be anywhere near this stuff anymore =)
  • Prepare a TS for installation of a software. .ini files mapping and all that stuff. To install some software you need to change user install and you have to change user execute.

And this is all it can… But I remember what wonderful bugs you could get in case you didn’t know the command…

The only thing I don’t know how to explain is why it is still present on Windows 7? Does anyone know the answer? =)))

3 thoughts on “%System%System32 secrets: change

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