The Blog Wrap Up and Happy New Year

Hello Everyone!

In this last post I wish you Happy New Year!

I also wish you to be healthy and fit:


Have fun:


and no bad news:


And just in case you care to reread something from this month’s blog posts, here is the wrap up:

IPv6 is great. But Are we really ready yet?

Yeah, those free books are great, but I need another 24 hours per day to read them.

Plan, implement, win. No malware is good news, but be prepared… Just in case…

The first part of “How to change attribute in AD”. The second is quite tricky for me, so I am still working on it.

I was good! Well, at least they told me so Winking smile

For the situation when you know what, know how, but cannot find where. If you don’t see your attributes then read it.

Good stuff. No kidding. I use it and I recommend at least to try it.

Want new blog or sight based on .NET? Here is the list.

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