Old good command line #4

Hello there! this is may be the last issue on CLI commands with more than one command inside (Here you can see #0, #1, #2, #3), because…


There of course will be some more command descriptions and may be some more information about Windows CLI, though. Let’s go.

  • recover. I hadn’t a chance to try it in real-life situation (fortunately 8) ), but the description tells us that the command will try read your corrupted file sector-by-sector. That is you will get the file all consisting of data from good sectors and bad sectors will lost all their info. May be not very comforting, but if you have, say, a VLTF (Very Large Text File) which has become corrupted then from totally unreadable file you will receive a totally readable file just without some pieces of information. So, if you happen to try it – tell me the results Winking smile
  • systeminfo. If you want to get some info about client computer before troubleshooting and without 3rd party tools then it is the command to start with. Host name, NICs configuration, hotfixes and more… Even uptime, though yesterday it rendered one of my servers booted up in 1982 =) Can also unload the info into table, CSV or list format


  • takeown. Just imagine: you press “ctrl+a”, then “shift+delete” and… “Access denied”. Ten you found that you cannot even change permissions on the files, because you don’t have permissions for it and you are not the owner for them. Of course you can acquire your ownership through GUI, but then how we were to wright this series? Winking smile So just use “takeown” command and you can do it. You eve can take or grant ownership of files on other computers. The only drawback I was able to see is that I cannot grant ownership to other users without knowing their credentials, but still it may be convenient in scripting, I guess.

That concludes the series of what was found accidentally on the TechNet site. But I’ll continue now and then =)

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