Monthly Archives: September 2010

x64 attacks, part II

malwareWhen I wrote about the surge of 64-bit platform which had come to the client computers I didn’t think about one obvious things: as some platform becomes mass and popular, it attracts all sorts of ill-minded persons to it. In our age it means that all the instruments that hackers use to do what they do will become adapted to the new reality. Unfortunately it is happening whether I think about it or no (maybe someone else had thought about it? Quit it, then Winking smile). Guys from MS have reported that we have received a 64bit version of Alureon malware. At the moment of report it produced non-bootable XP or 2003 and ruined some disk functionality in the later systems, but I have no doubt: the bad guys will correct these mistakes and make this malware even better (for them, of course and worse for you and me). That will again tell me, that every statistics about vulnerabilities, virus quantities and such kind of things must be normalized to the user base or else it just tells you wrong.

Kaspersky Lab has implemented UC

Completely as advertising Winking smile  We did it! “We” is somewhat exaggerated: my participation in the project was not very bold but still we have OCS and it is convenient. What think our management team you can read here (Russian). Actually, the management don’t lie: it is cool and convenient. I don’t mind where I am unless I have Internet access: I can call anyone.  The real check for me was the time I fled to our Saint Petersburg’s office from turf fires and smog. Of course I could have got a phone in the office and configure it to answer my extension… And I could go to some cafe with internet and nobody would even notice, I’m not in the office:

– Hello can I visit you?

– Yeah, sure, but it’s hard: I’m 700 kilometres from you =)

Overall, I like it. There still is something to improve, but what we have now is very convenient.