Old good command line…

You know what? What struck me after I had written the post about cmdkey is that while reading about cmdkey’s syntax, I saw many commands which… Well, it’s a shame but I didn’t know them. Really. Though I still remember what did “expand” word in DOS I can’t tell you what does “comp” or “clip”. Actually, I couldn’t, because I’ve done some research and in this message I’ll tell you about some command which seem to be interesting to me. Of course there are many commands, which either deprecated (break), or cannot be used directly from a script or in CLI (autochk, call), nevertheless, there are some commands which may be useful in a day to day life of a system administrator. Here they are (these are just those which have interested me or look fun, so I could omitted some interesting for you or include some rubbish, you know):

  • clip. Sometimes we just need to put results of a command or a program run-time into clipboard and being pasted into email, IM windows or somewhere else. Just copied somewhere and get rid of it. What I usually do is:


Open file.txt with notepad:


and copy/paste it. Now I can do just


and what I have in my clipboard is:

I’m thinking
40% done…

No more creatingFile-openingFile-selectingAllInTheFile—copying-pasting-closingTheFile-deletingTheFile. It was too boring, now it is much quicker, I guess.

  • color. Just for fun make your CLI look like Norton Commander


turn it back to normal


  • comp. Suddenly: very powerful command. Compares files byte-by-byte. If, for instance, we have two files:




and run the command:

comp file.txt file2.txt /a


we’ll receive the following:


Isn’t it cute useful?

The next chunk of utilities overview is to follow…

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