Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Having many servers one wants to improve and optimize work with them. MSTSC is excellent instrument, but with many drawbacks: windows either close each another or there is to much to switch between them, it takes comparatively long time to launch it and so forth. Of course we have built-in Remote Desktop console, but it cannot even alphabetically sort our connections let alone inability to create hierarchical structure of any kind:


Other settings don’t impress either. I have been using visionapp Remote Desktop for a long time (and will continue, because I have a license and it is somewhat more powerful than that stuff the topic is about): great piece of software, which allows all the abovementioned plus more. Take the supported connection types alone:


The remaining options set is impressive too:


But vRD has one essential shortcoming: you have to pay for it. Of course a hundred of dollars is not a huge amount for some company where an administrator has to deal with dozens and hundreds of servers, however… Not long ago I have run into (yeah, I am not the fastest guy in the Universe: my coworkers have been using it for months already) Remote Desktop Connection Manager. It is free console from MS which has all the essential features:

You can organize your connections and sort them (and you can see what’ is happening in open windows):


You can save your credentials (and inherit them down the hierarchy), which is not the recommended way to use them, though.


And, after all, all the RDP-related settings. To sum up: if I didn’t have a license for vRD then I would be definitely a grateful user of this console. Therefore, if you do not want to pay or you do not need all the extra features then I recommend you to use the RDC Management console.

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